antique wrought iron chandeliers

Antique chandeliers – the perfect complement of the interior

Antique chandeliers at all times drew to itself not only experienced collectors but also lovers of all beautiful. What is special in these lighting objects those have survived not only their owners, but also more than a century? The first and certainly the most important feature of antique brass and chandeliers is their age. Having survived more than one generation, curio became not only a rarity but an exclusive and […]

chandeliers bronze finish

The bronze chandeliers in the home interior

A lot of people forget about the classic style and prefer to use interesting design solution in the rooms interior, that’s why we talking about the bronze chandeliers. The chandelier – is an important object in the room, it plays not only functional role but decorative role too. The chandeliers made of bronze immediately change the atmosphere in the house. They give the room a special and unique view.The chandeliers […]

schonbek chandeliers prices

Schonbek Chandeliers: More Than Illumination

Schonbek chandeliers are made to radiate grace and opulence in such historically important places as the Buckingham Palace, the White House and many other places of exceptional character. These gorgeous chandeliers will embellish the place like no other chandelier can, as they do not emit simple and mere illumination, they make history shine within their bright gleams! With antique Schonbek chandeliers, everything in the room looks even more beautiful and […]

antique glass globes for chandeliers

Glass shades for chandeliers – a new look of your interior!

If you are tired of the current interior design and have no any desire to make a total repair, try to alter some décor elements, for example you can change the mood in your room replacing glass shades for chandeliers . If you had fabric shades, choose the glass ones for total transformation. To bring brightness and style within your interior design, make a choice in favor of stunning colored […]

small crystal chandelier for nursery

Small Crystal Chandeliers Never Go Out Of Trend

Nothing can be as grandeur and luxurious in your house as small crystal chandeliers. Perhaps the great value and sophistication these items feature are unrivaled. They are always on trend and can illuminate your surroundings better than anything else! With crystal chandeliers you can evoke elegance and delicate taste in your house, while all your guests will be left with jaws fallen and eyes sparkling at the luxury gleam of […]

chandeliers nautical theme

Nautical Chandeliers: Seafarer’s Paradise In Your Home

Hanging nautical chandeliers in your coastal home it will acquire drama and distinction that will marvel any guest! Be sure no other decor item can create such a unique feeling in your house like these wonderful items do. These chandeliers turn to be an excellent blend of the traditional and the classic while allowing modern elements to add a unique vibe of unusual. Nautical inspired chandeliers are a great way […]

venetian fabric chandelier

Venetian chandeliers in the modern home design

Venetian chandeliers are the most magnificent and delightful among the variety of chandeliers in classic style. History of occurrence of Venetian glass goes in ancient times and dates back almost nine centuries. Long centuries the technology was transferred by masters from one generation to other, and remained in the strictest confidence. Today, manufacturers of such products are not standing still. Traditional and new innovative approaches in the manufacture of decorative […]

transitional chandeliers for foyer

Transitional Chandeliers Burn borders Between Modern And Traditional Styles

Transitional chandeliers are perhaps the best ways to pull together different styles applied in one single room. If you boast to have furnished your living room or some other room in your apartment with two totally different styles, perhaps you could not have succeeded it without hanging a marvelous chandelier in a transitional design. Most of all large transitional chandeliers are used to add a burst of style in a […]

small wooden chandeliers

Small chandeliers – useful things for every room

Small chandeliers or fixtures become true helpers for low ceilings, where bulky items are not appropriate. They can be represented in a variety of forms and styles, among which everybody will find their own model. Often small lighting appliances are just a smaller version of the standard lamp. These kinds of items have been widely used not only in small areas, but also in large enough. They are often used […]

tiffany lamp original designs

Tiffany Chandeliers: The Center Of Your Interior

Have you decided upon hanging Tiffany chandeliers from your home ceilings? If the answer is Yes, then this article will help you to better orientate among the great variation of Tiffany style chandeliers. For the beginning, we shall state that every model by Tiffany is distinguished with eternal delicacy and sophisticated charm. No matter whether your home interior has classic or contemporary, rustic or modern appearance, a Tiffany chandelier will […]